Theresa Beyer

11 January 2024

11 January


Lisa has a great eye and puts together a great show. She's never afraid to experiment.

Hillary Fontana

30 November 2023

30 November


I'm thrilled to have participated in shows that Lisa has organized and curated. She has an exceptional eye for coordinating the artists and presenting some very...
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Gina Kingsley

29 November 2023

29 November


I have shown work in many shows that Lisa Post has curated. She has a keen eye and a tremendous talent in displaying work that flows throughout the space. Her...
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Jahyun Bae

28 November 2023

28 November


I had a fantastic experience with Lisa:) Her expertise and guidance added immense value to my artistic journey. Grateful for the wonderful curation of my work.

Christina Tovar

03 October 2023

03 October


Lisa is an incredibly talented artist and has a knack for collecting and organizing pieces into galleries that are evocative and fun. Our family loves her work!

Susan Sandman

01 October 2023

01 October


Amazing colors in digital art